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These numbers are

Diagrams showing how I determined heel and forefoot thickness with a Jorgensen bar clamp. I measured the bar length to the right of the clamp arm in the fully closed position (upper picture), and then subtracted the length of the same bar when the clamp was cinched snugly but not too tightly to the shoe (bottom picture; clamp sandwiched the insole, midsole, and outsole).I measured heel thickness at the Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink center of the heel, and forefoot thickness where the ball of the foot (i.e., metatarsal heads) would rest. The latter was accomplished by sliding the clamp arm through the laces between the tongue and the eyerow of the upper, so that no upper fabric was included in the Nike Air Max 270 Femme measurement (this couldn’t be done in the Vibram Fivefingers KSO’s or Nike Sneakerboat, so I estimated the thickness of the forefoot fabric and subtracted Nike Air Max 90 Dames it from the measured height). All measurements were taken on both the right and left shoes and averaged (measurements were remarakably consistent between Nike Air Max 90 Femme sides on most shoes, giving me greater confidence in my data).Clearly the measurements I provide below aren’t perfect, and a far superior way to do this would be to cut the shoe in half lengthwise and measure thickness with a calipers (which for obvious reasons, I can’t justify doing to my own shoes – but Newton Running has a picture posted of one of their shoes cut in this manner – see below).Furthermore, all of these shoes have been worn for varying amounts of time, so I have no idea how much of an effect midsole compaction Nike Air Max 90 Heren Zwart or outsole wear with increasing mileage might have on these measurements (that would be another interesting home experiment to do, and I hypothesize Nike Air Max 90 Dames that if anything, compaction would decrease drop by compacting the heel cushion in a heel-striker like me; regarding outsole wear, most of mine is on the lateral corner of the heel, and was probably not a major Nike Air Max 270 Dames factor in these measurements).Despite the above considerations, I’ve made an academic living out of measuring microsopic parts of animal skeletons, so I’m pretty careful when it comes to taking measurements, and thus I’m confident that these numbers are at least reasonably accurate (and the method used was the same on all shoes).Ian Adamson from Newton Running was kind enough to leave several comments on this post, including one in which he lists the heel and forefoot thickness for each line of Newton shoes. Since my numbers for the Sir Isaac don’t match his, I thought I’d try to remeasure my Sir Isaac’s using another www.matthieugranier.fr technique that is also easy to do at home. All that it entailed was measuring the height of a skewer stick, and then measuring the height to which it extended when lifted by the heel or forefoot of the shoe. You can see how I did this in the pictures below:Alternative www.tamarastein.co.uk way to measure heel and forefoot lift. In the left picture, I rested the stick on the wooden surface below and made a mark on the paper at the top of the stick to serve as the baseline. Next, I placed the stick centrally in the heel of the shoe along the same line as the first mark. I then marked the new height of the stick. Measuring the distance between the two marks represents the exact height that the stick was raised by the heel of the shoe. I used the same procedure to measure forefoot height.You can see from the above that this method yielded a heel height of Nike Air Max 90 Femme 33mm, and a forefoot height of 25mm, which gives a heel-toe drop of 8mm. These numbers are very close to those that I measured using the clamp method (see below – the fact that they are 0.5-1mm larger might be due to the clamp slightly compressing the insole when cinched), and I am confident in their accuracy. Not sure why there is a discrepancy with the numbers Adidas Superstar Dam that Ian reported below (28mm heel, 23mm forefoot, 5mm drop).My conclusion is that it is often hard to know what the thickness numbers being reported by manufacturers include – i.e., just midsole, midsole + outsole, or insole + midsole + outsole. Seems to me the latter is the most accurate representation of where the foot would sit relative to the ground in any given shoe, and that’s what I have reported here (with potential inaccuracies noted above). I should point out Nike Internationalist Mujer that a 1mm discrepancy is very small, and probably negligible from a performance standpoint (and not to mention, also probably well within the margin of error).

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