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Carlos Sandoval : slow start but it became better-loved the music & the background of the group
Rams E. Sarabosing : Nice jersery for the price although it fits oddly different than any of my many different jerseys. XL was to tight and XXL is a bit bunchy at chest. Tail of shirt is longer than other jerseys but a good thing if using for road biking since it covers up your back side. I found it to long for when Im MTBing. Over all its a good quality jersey for the price with nice graphics.
Diana Stamova : Love the music from Jersey Boys.  This is a great CD!!!
Dione Paas : Followed advice of other buyers and bought the coupler without the metal inserts. A perfect replacement part. This product worked great. Easy install. Kenmore series 70 Washer working once again.
Emanuele Volpi : Nice pants, very comfortable.

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