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Tarik Cohen is like a box of chocolates. Appearing on the field for 45% of offensive snaps Cheap Customized Buffalo Bills Jerseys , Cohenís presence is unpredictable. Adding to that unpredictability, Cohen is just as likely to see time in the passing game as he is the running game. With 43 carries and 41 passes thrown his way, Cohenís picture accompanies the encyclopedia entry for ďThreat, Dual.Ē Also of note, Cohenís touches fluctuate wildly between games. With a high of 13 in both carries and targets, he has seen lows of four carries and one target. While we may not know what weíre gonna get, letís take a look inside the box to see what we might find. Play 1Tarik Cohen is often sent to the edges to do damage, and this play illustrates why it works for the Chicago Bears. His straight line speed gets a couple yards as he heads to the sideline. A last-second turn upfield takes advantage of a narrow lane while maintaining good speed and adds even more yards. Play 2Two defenders had a shot at tackling Cohen for a loss. The clip slows down to show Cohen making both of them miss. There are enough Green Bay Packers defending the edge in front of Cohen to make him hesitate and make the tackle. Play 3Tarik Cohen is often used as a safety valve and trusted to make something from nothing. On this play Cohen shows off excellent vision with this short catch over the middle. Heís on his blocker like glue and glides around to avoid a tackle and get some extra yards. Play 4Cohen isnít used up the middle as often as they run him outside. Thereís positives on this short gain still. Like most shiftier runners, Cohen can sometimes get caught up trying to find a lane that will never appear. It isnít universal by any means and the willingness to get what he can is a major positive on this snap. Play 5On the other hand, sometimes a little dance is called for. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the inside lanes bottled up. Cohen shimmies side-to-side a bit and then takes off. What could have been a run for no gain or a loss becomes a large chunk play thanks to Cohen. Play 6Tarik Cohen isnít the most refined route runner www.billsfootballauthentics.com , but he has a couple moves he can execute well. His speed always makes him a threat as he demonstrates on this play. Taking off from the slot he finds a lot of breathing room and makes a catch for a big gain. Play 7This isnít as frequent as lining up from the slot position or out of the backfield for Cohen but the Bills will want to keep an eye out. Route-running limitations mean Cohen is likely being told to just ďgoĒ when heís on the outside. As we see, itís not like thereís a problem with this strategy from time to time. A better throw here might be a touchdown.In ConclusionTarik Cohen compares favorably to LeSean McCoy in style and ability with the ball in his hands. His lower snap count is the result of being less of a complete back. For instance, while Shady isnít known for his blocking skills, Cohen is nearly allergic to it. The Bears very rarely ask him to help in pass protection. Cohen will sometimes avoid contact rather than chipping a defender on his way out. So if heís on the field itís a good bet heíll be running. The Bills will want to make sure someone is there with him.2019 NFL Draft: college football Week 5 recap features a WR/RB hybrid and a quick-twitch DT The most exciting moments in college football are when underdogs unexpectedly put up a fight against a more talented opponent. The difference in talent between two given college teams can be so vast that when lower-ranked teams put up a good fight against their more highly-ranked brethren, it can seem like a victory. Several ranked teams were feeling the heat this past Saturday, as No. 12 West Virginia had to be bailed out by a clutch interception to close out No. 25 Texas Tech, No. 3 Clemson lost their quarterback to a concussion and just barely escaped Syracuse, and No. 4 Ohio State needed a furious fourth quarter comeback to hold off No. 9 Penn State. Below are the prospects that stood out during week 5.QB Ryan Finley (NC State)One of the most accurate quarterbacks in college football, Finley spread the ball around to eight different receivers in the game against Virginia. Efficient and methodical, Finley attacked the Cavalier defense with an array of short and intermediate timing throws. Most notable was the trust Finley seems to put in his receivers Buffalo Bills T-Shirt , as several of his throws were into tight coverage, but the receivers always managed to out-compete the defender.DE Zach Allen (Boston College)Boston College survived a scare against Temple because the Owls could not avoid Allen. Templeís game plan was full of quick passes and runs up the middle, clearly hoping to limit Allenís pass rush opportunities. Unfortunately for the Owls, Allen could not be denied for long and managed to finish with 8 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 tackles-for-loss as well as a forced fumble. The big defensive end relies on his strength at the point of attack, but his speed around the edge is surprisingly quick.CB Keith Washington (West Virginia)Texas Tech wasnít afraid to attack Washington and, in the first quarter, that strategy paid off thanks to a perfect touchdown throw from quarterback Alan Bowman. However, Washington made Tech pay in the fourth quarter with a game-sealing pick-six. In a Tampa-2 look Buffalo Bills Hats , the junior dropped into a short zone, read the quarterback, got into the passing lane and scampered fifty yards into the end zone. WR Olamide Zaccheaus (Virginia)Although Virginia ultimately came up short against NC State, one of the positives from the game was the play of Zaccheaus. The speedy 5í8Ē, 190-pound senior is used in a variety of ways by the Cavaliers, and led the team in receiving and rushing with 139 yards in the air and 39 yards on the ground. Although officially listed as a running back, what was most impressive was Zaccheausí ability to completely fool cornerbacks with his route-running, which has improved by leaps and bounds. OG Bunchy Stallings (Kentucky)Benny Snell and the Kentucky Wildcats running game have been on a tear the last few games, and thatís mostly thanks to Stallingís work in the interior. Against South Carolina, the senior paved the way for a rushing attack that finished with 195 yards on the ground. In pass protection Buffalo Bills Womens Hoodie , Stallings tended to give up ground but usually managed to recover and re-anchor. Heíll be one to watch as the season progresses.DT Jerry Tillery (Notre Dame)Number 99 had himself a day against Stanford. It was a complete game for the senior, who seemed to be getting pressure on quarterback AJ Costello just about every time he dropped back to pass. Tillery demonstrated some elite-level speed and hand-usage, finishing with 4 sacks, 4 tackles-for-loss and fourth quarter forced fumble. Tillery, defensive tackle, now leads the nation in sacks with seven.

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