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if I were going to identify the

Forefoot ďactuator lugsĒ on the Newton Sir Isaac Ė note that there is no wear on the lugs, suggesting that I havenít been landing on them.My expectation was that once I www.aazmotos.fr started running, the forefoot actuator lugs on the Newtonís (see photo above) would make me want to shift to a more forefoot landing, but to my surprise I think I actually heel struck worse on my first Newton run than I do in most of my other shoes. I donít fault the shoes for this at all, and after making a conscious effort to shorten my stride and increase my cadence, they began to feel a bit better. That being said, I never got to the point where I actually felt truly comfortable running in the Sir Isaacís, and based on my wear pattern on the heel (see photo below), Iím pretty confident that I have been heel striking in them Nike Air Max 97 Dames pretty regularly (and you can also see this in the videos I posted below Ė I could only get a forefoot strike when I consciously forced it, which felt uncomfortable). Iíve read plenty about how to adjust to Nike Air Vapormax Damen the Newtonís, and how it takes time and effort to adjust your stride, but after almost 40 miles I havenít seen much improvement, and this is despite the fact that I also run regularly and seem to midfoot strike in minimalist shoes with a relatively thin heel (XC flats, Vibrams Fivefingers, etc.).Heel wear on my Newton Sir Isaac and Brooks Mach 11 shoes. Both have similar mileage (about 40 miles each) Ė note the greater wear (yellow arrows) on the Sir Issacs (right), indicating a more pronounced heel strike.
One of the things Iíve realized is that for me, a mild heel strike seems to be the most comfortable gait in most pairs of Nike Air Max 270 Damen shoes. Iíve come to grips with this and am at the point where I really donít see much point in putting the effort into trying to change. I suspect that I do midfoot strike in the Vibrams (and sometimes in Nike Air Max 90 Mujer XC flats), but if I had to guess, Iím likely a mild heel striker in just about everything else, and thatís ok with me. I suspect that mild heel striking is most efficient for my body, and Iíve gotten over any desire that I might have had to change. Itís worth noting here that Daniel Lieberman, in his recent study on footstrike patterns in barefoot and shod runners, even noted that a few of his habitually barefoot runners were heel Nike Air Vapormax Dames strikers. Furthermore, Iíve posted video of elite male runners from the 2010 Boston Marathon showing clearly that several of them are heel strikers as well (including 2009 NYC marathon winner Meb Adidas Ultra Boost Dámské Keflzighi) Ė so itís clear that heel running isnít necessarily as inefficient as itís purported to be in some cases. Itís quite possible that if I wore the Newtons for my next 50 miles and really focused on Nike Internationalist Damen altering my gait things might change, but Iím still not sure I see a great deal of benefit in doing so. Please realize that this is simply my opinion, and others may disagree.Slow motion video of treadmill running in Newton Sir Isaac shoes Ė tried to shift to a more forefoot footstrike here, but still feels strange (video shot after only one 5-mile run in the Sir Isaacís, but I donít think my gait has changed much since). Video shot Nike Air Max 270 Dam at 300 frames-per-second with a Casio Exilim EX-F1 camera. I did not request them, and was actually surprised and excited when they were included in a package from Backbone Media (I had genuinely Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme been wanting to try the Newtonís out, but pricing deterred me). My reason for pointing this out is that if I were going to identify the Newton shoe that would be best suited to my personal tastes, it would not www.raheembakare.co.uk have been the Sir Isaac. The Sir Isaac is meant to be a shoe for those transitioning into forefoot running, and at >11.5oz (weighed on my postal scale) itís considerably heavier than most shoes that I normally wear (I prefer more minimalist shoes that are less than 10oz, and the lower the weight the better). In the Newton lineup, the Distancia would likely be more suited to my style, so itís entirely possible that I just got Nike Air VaporMax Mujer the wrong Newton shoe for me.

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