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Du-Yu Yao made from Shandong in the market, as a populous nike roshe run breeze mens buy online province in China, the Great Province, Shandong Province, huge potential consumer market, the local footwear industry competition is fierce exception. In the "pie with shallots," under the influence of food culture, people's concept of fashion consumption in the southern coastal provinces and cities as a whole, the Golden Monkey from Shandong native, Hunter's flagship product brands such as dress Air Max 24-7 shoes will be more evident.

Financial crisis, international trade barriers against our country constantly. According to statistics of Wenzhou Municipality, Wenzhou exported products have suffered from the U.S., EU, Japan and more than 20 countries and regions initiated anti-dumping, countervailing, "337" and other surveys, 0000 only up to 5 this year onwards, amount of money involved Yuyi dollars. To this end, the major export-oriented industries have actively set up in Wenzhou Foreign Trade and warning poin http://www.topsneaker.co.uk/images/product/RosheBR0520-23_2.jpg t, there are warning the provincial foreign trade six demonstration sites, municipal barriers to trade early warning mechanism to deal with 13 service points, covering clothing, glasses, Nike Air Max 90 shoe and other industries .

However, they established a government-led early warning point was just limited to domestic. "The faste nike roshe run breeze women's cheap uk st growing sources of information must come from overseas trade in local markets, Wenzhou people all over the world are the best source of information." Glasses in Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, said Deputy Secretary General Yang to be a step. Chamber of Commerce to do the same with the glasses, there City Shoe Industry Association, in fact, one step ahead of their actions. Last May, Wenzhou City, then by the Italian Nike Air Max Shoe Industry Association (China) Footwear Association set up the machine, try to set up the "Wenzhou shoes to EU anti-dumping focal point", "Wenzhou shoes Forei nike roshe run breeze white black hot lava gn Trade Alert focal point."

Li Yanhui Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce Adviser said that the international financial crisis in 2008, a group of small garment manufacturers forced to stop factory, workers are increasingly difficult to recruit, the current plant is in the coastal city transferred to the echelons of the special period of the mainland, Wenzhou garment production capacity Poxian inadequate. According to customs statistics of Wenzhou, Wenzhou, from January to October this year, clothing and accessories exports increased 19.52% over. Li Yanhui said this proved that the order has not decreased in Wenzhou, a certain extent, small workshops producing Nike Air Max shoes for the city to add some strength.

No administrative costs, taxes and other pressure, only need to pay workers wages and utilities, rent costs. Many companies have a certain skill level in migrant workers, they With their Air Max 24-7 business dreams, one way or another relative or a fellow a few people, a dozen people together, start with a small processing plant. Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, foreign trade branch of clothing to enjoy the Secretary-General Wu Yi said that the villagers, relatives of the labor advantage in small workshops, when y nike roshe run breeze lowest price ou want to expand the scale, the same problems encountered recruitment difficulties.

When the well-known brands will shift production bases to China and Southeast Asia, the Korean footwear industry was suddenly awakened, but it was too late. However, after the Nike Air Max footwear industry in Korea after the labor pains, and now are moving towards a new renaissance.Today, South Korea in active sports Nike Air Max 2009 shoes footwear, especially high-tech research and development, began to enter the era of cutting-edge IT footwear, including shoes can change the program, function nike roshe run breeze sale uk al walking shoes, shoes, and other special features extreme sports.

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