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Texans hire Gaine as GM, extend O'Brien deal

Thank you for publishing the insightful article on the PaTH program by Wholesale Jerseys John Falzon ("Our youth need a proper jobs plan, not a rip off", Times2, May18, p5). We must scrutinise such apparently ill advised measures. At first sight they appear irrational, but eventually when we take the context into account, an underlying philosophy emerges.

Cutting and restricting access to social services, keeping Newstart recipients well below the poverty line, maintaining high rates of permanent and temporary immigration (as distinct from refugee intake, a tiny proportion of our overall migration rates) without putting public infrastructure in place. Tolerating gaming by private employment agencies, to the detriment of the unemployed.

Eroding Medicare and bulk billing. Emasculating our technical and further education system and opening up the market to unscrupulous companies which prey on the weak. Turning a blind eye to the exploitation of foreign workers, trying to reduce wages and conditions, incessantly attacking the union movement and fostering the demise of manufacturing.

Reducing funding for legal aid and domestic violence services. Undermining the equity component of Gonski and continuing high levels of funding for wealthy private schools.

Pushing university fee deregulation to prevent the children of the poor from getting worthwhile degrees.

Supporting negative gearing and unaffordable housing for the middle and low paid, while doing little to provide public housing or rent relief. Signing trade agreements which admit unlimited entry of foreign workers without labour market testing, and allow foreign corporations to sue Australia for public interest measures, such as legislating to prevent financial services from systemically cheating their customers.

This is all well and good, but wasn't this already addressed in 2012 through the Tuggeranong Town Centre Master Plan?

That master plan provides a number of recommendations on how to boost business activity and development of the town centre. Along with the Greenway Master Plan, it allows for 14,000 new residents within the current footprint. As it clearly points out, limiting the centre to its current footprint makes more efficient use of existing infrastructure.

Like many Tuggeranong residents, I was involved in community consultation for the master plan, but just four years later it appears that one of the key findings could be completely disregarded. With community consultation for the new suburb clearly showing an overwhelming majority against it, will they listen to us this time?

Narrelle Kelly, Greenway

Trams don't add up

The ACT Budget shows that the entire cost of the ACTION bus network (including city wide commuter, school and special needs services) is expected to be $144 million in 2015 16, while the proposed Capital Metro service, which will mainly move existing bus passengers onto trams on a single route, will cost $375 million up front plus an average of $64 million per annum ("Canberrans to pay $375m upfront as light rail contract signed", May18, p1).

This means that (taking into account the upfront cost) the single tram route will cost about half of the cost of the entire ACTION network. So for the cost of the Capital Metro service, we could probably increase the coverage and/or service levels of the bus service by about 50 per cent. If the objective is to shift people from cars to public transport, the tram seems to be very poor value. However this is strange because I thought I made it clear that my preference would be to use gas turbines for backup since they can be easily turned on and off, do not have to run unless their electricity is needed and have a relatively low capital cost. When gas is used for backup the turbines can be turned off when renewable energy is available, resulting in zero emissions.

Other options may become available such as pumped hydro and battery storage. We should also be reducing the use of backup by spreading renewable assets geographically and by demand management. For instance current domestic pricing mechanisms are designed to move daytime demand to Cheap NFL Throwback Jerseys night. We would want to reverse that if photovoltaic generation becomes dominant.

I agree that coal is not suitable for backup purposes. The good news is that we have been able to close down some coal fired power stations and reduce the operation of others to peak seasons. We need to continue and to accelerate this process.

Paul Pentony, Hackett

Danger under foot

I can only agree wholeheartedly with Trevor Willis's summary of the appalling condition of much of the urban Canberra landscape due to graffiti and poor mowing standards (Letters, May18). However, I would go a stage further and point out the difficulty and Cheap NFL Throwback Jerseys danger created by the poor condition of many of the pavements in older suburbs.

Take O'Connor, for example. I cheap authentic jerseys occasionally accompany a disabled friend in a wheelchair from her home in Moorhouse Street to the shops. It takes me a considerable amount of physical effort and careful route planning to assist my friend to manoeuvre the many cracked and broken concrete slabs, the poorly designed curbs and gutters and the badly trimmed hedges overhanging the pathway. My completion of the ACT government's web based maintenance register a year ago seems to have had no effect. With so much attention being paid to the Canberra of the future it seems that the present government is forgetting the plight of old Canberra and its residents.

Timothy Walsh, Garran

Barry Jones was never an insider

Byran Furnass (Letters, May 19)is right to slam the present government for its appalling lack of interest in science.

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