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Deshaun Watson's ACL recovery: How other QBs have fared after surgery

Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:Surveying the NFL landscape from 30,000 feet (in a plane with 118 passengers and two restrooms) begin with   who else?   the Redskins. Other than the victory itself, what might be most significant about their close shave against the Seahawks is that it came on the road. Let face it, if they make the playoffs it will be as a wild card, and that means going to Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota wherever. Barring an unusual set of circumstances, they won be seeing FedEx Field again after Week 17.This isn necessarily a bad thing. The Redskins, after all, figure to finish with a better road record than home record, and there are a number of examples in recent years of clubs taking the road route to the Super Bowl. The Giants did it last season and the Steelers two seasons before that. Seems soccer jerseys wholesale like it should be a more daunting task, winning three road games in the playoffs, but lately it hasn been.Maybe it another indication of how little difference there is between these teams. Or maybe it a total fluke and won happen again for a long while. Still, winning at Dallas, Philadelphia and Seattle (a notoriously noisy and difficult place to play) can only give the Redskins confidence if they make it to January.You have to feel better about the Snydermen chances now that Jason Taylor and Shawn Springs have returned from their injuries. Both gave the defense a boost Sunday   Taylor with his pass rush and first quarter tackle for a loss and Springs with his typically tight coverage and game clinching interception.You look at the Redskins secondary with Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot at the corners, Springs and LaRon Landry at the safeties and DeAngelo Hall and Chris Horton in reserve and, well, is there a deeper one in the league?Some will note that the Redskins had to play the Cowboys Cheap NFL Jerseys when they had Tony Romo and the Seahawks when they had Matt Hasselbeck   while the Bucs, Wholesale Jerseys CBS Supply who they competing with for a postseason berth, went up against Brad Johnson and Seneca Wallace.But the Redskins have faced one team that now 0 11 (Lions), two that are 2 9 (Rams and Seahawks), they played the weakest of the NFC South clubs (Saints) and they have the 1 9 1 Bengals still to come. So it not like they got a bum deal from the schedule maker.You thought Brett Favre was a good story last season? He an even better one this season. Where are all those killjoys who said Favre should have done the classy/dignified/Elwayesque thing and stayed retired? I mean, the guy has the Jets closing in on a first round bye   and possibly on their first Super Bowl since Joe Namath.Then there the domino effect of him getting traded to New York. It enabled Chad Pennington to go to Miami, where he has been an absolute salvation for a team that went 1 15 a year ago.

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